Downloads 3’rd Edition

This page contains downloadable source from the book. Look here for a free  chapter in PDF.

DSPBiQuad C codeBiQuad.c
DSPTwo ‘continous’ squares and their spectra in
DSPSquare built from sines in
DSPSquare wave and its spectrum in
NetworkDHCP client simulator in
NetworkUDP broadcasts on IPv4 in CBroadcast.c
NetworkTCP client and server on IPv4 in one C source-filesocktest.c
NetworkUDP transmitter on IPv6 in Cudpsend6.c
NetworkUDP receiver on IPv6 in Cudprecv6.c
NetworkUDP transmitter on IPv4 in Cudpsend.c
NetworkUDP receiver on IPv4 in Cudprecv.c
NetworkZip-file with Windows ‘web-server’ in (Visual)
QCCalculation of d2 constants by brute force in
QCCalculation of d3 constants by brute force in
QCLookup of statistical constants using R. Replace ‘c4’ with d2 or d3cctable.R