Great Links for Developers

Links per chapter of the IoT book

This page is all about links to web-pages. It will be updated at intervals.
The chapters of the book include links, but also references to books.

Links related to Operating Systems
Well organised Linux sources. A handy way to browse various versions.
(the old site seems to be down)
Fantastic Windows utilities. If you use Windows you need this.
Nice site on Linux coding using BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi. 
This place has firmware based on Linux for all sorts of commercial devices. Browse and learn.

Links related to CPUs
Home of NXP (Freescale).
Home of Texas Instruments. Hardware and Software libraries – e.g. crypto, dsp etc.
Home of ARM – includes the mbed operating system.
Benchmarks on several levels of integration. Many are free.
A magazine on embedded. 
This is the official site for beaglebone. Note that the hardware is Open Source.
This site has a lot of fine small tools & kits.

Links related to Networks
Laura Chappels sites for Wireshark Training etc.
Great site on TCP/IP.
The one and only Wireshark.
TAP for network debugging.
LinkLabs is a good place to start when checking out Long-Range Wireless. They are very “extrovert” – telling about technologies & solutions. 
Home of Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer. Together these products measures & displays activity in the 2.4 GHz band. Will tell you if e.g. a microwave-oven is disturbing on the physical level. Also shows Bluetooth.
Home of AirpCap – the WiFi-sniffer for WireShark.
This is a site with many tools. One of these is “fiddler” which is kind of like wireshark – but only for web (=http).
Free IP scanner.
Free DHCP-server for windows.

Links related to Security
These are the good guys, with a lot of scary stories.
They also have some good youtube videos.
This is a key article on Differential Power Analysis.
This is when a CPU is hacked by studying e.g. its power-lines.
Codenomicon’s site with information about the HeartBleed bug.
Texas Instruments site offers free downloads of C-implementations of SHA-256, DES, 3-DES and AES-128 as well as a manual for these. There is also a HW selection-guide
SEI Cert’s Top 10 guidelines on secure coding practice.
Security expert Troy Hunt’s site where anyone can test whether their account password has been leaked.
An absolutely scary site, showing security cameras etc that are wide open.
Search for “Cybersecurity Report” to get the latest.
FIPS 140-2. Security requirements for Cryptographic Modules.
FIPS 180-4. Secure Hash standards.

Links related to Digital Signal Processing
DSP related to music.
Nice digital filter programs. FIR and IIR.
A good “no-nonsense” introduction to poles & zeros.
My good – now retired – colleague, has created this site. Here you can find his articles on various DSP subjects. Additionally there are descriptions of his app with classic puzzles.

Links related to Embedded Software Development
Jack Ganssle teaches embedded coding all over the world.
He also writes books about embedded software and hardware-near coding. This is done in a personal and relevant form.
A company doing courses, webinars etc on Embedded Programming.
Emulators, Background-debuggers etc.
Commercial SNMP client.
Commercial website wiki with bug-management and much more.
Free collaboration wiki with source-control and bug management.
Oracles free virtual machine. Use it e.g. to have a Linux workstation on your Windows PC.
The place to go for Yocto.
If you make your own hardware – consider making your own repo with Yocto.
If you want to understand git, this is a good place to go.
An interesting view on scrum.

The following video is a really nice introduction to Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor controls (with promotional content – but worth it):

Links related to Statistical Process Control
NIST on Control Charts
Good commercial site
At first glance this site seems uninteresting, with pregnancy-calculators etc, but it offers some advanced math. They also have calculated tables like this: Control Chart Constants

Other Great Sites
The first place to look
Another general and fantastic site
A commercial – but very informative site on various batteries.
These guys have the equipment and stamina to get to the bottom of things.
The company is well-known within certification.
This site can help all developers – no-matter what platform we are using.
This site is full of projects that will help you get started with embedded software in general – or maybe to get started on a specific platform. The site uses many different platforms and evaluation boards, as well as different programming languages. (Thanks to Reynand Collado for the suggestion)
This is a “community of control engineers, automation specialists, and experts in the broader industrial field.” (also recommended by Reynand Collado).
This is a beginners guide to ham radio written by Paul Dudley. This technology is absolutely not the latest, but it has been around for long, and it might still outlive some of the newer packet-based communication forms.